Our clinic, starting from November 2009, is located in the center of Rokko Island, Kobe City, Japan.  Dr. Abe, trained both in Kobe University, Japan and in McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and experienced in treating patients from international community, provides outpatient orthopedic and rheumatologic medical care in English.
 Dr. Abe's medical service covers bone , joint pain and disorders; back pain and regional pain syndromes, full spectrum of rheumatology, osteoporosis and bone diseases, sports injury and its prevention.

 Essential part of orthopedic medicine and rheumatology, is primary care. We would like to provide the primary care in this field. In general, two important charactristics of orthopedic diseases and rheumatologic diseases are wide variability in course and chronicity. It is , therefore, essential to closely monitor the symptom and making every effort to individualize the medical problem and medical treatment to support the patients. When the patient's condition requires admission or referring to the specialists, we are fully prepared to introducing the patients to hospitals specialized in particular medical fields and English-speaking physicians. When a patient has some medical problems which should be seen by other physicians specialized in internal medicine, cardiologist, opthalomogist and so forth , I am happy to find a clinic suitable for foreign people in Kobe City and its surrounding region. As an authorized member of Kobe City Medical Association, I would like to always pay attention to the clinics and hospitals where international patients may feel at ease receiving medical care in all fields of medicine.
 Our clinic is structurally designed for disabled people. Also, it can be accessible by wheelchair from parking area of the building(charged). It is located in the very center of Rokko Island, and easily accessible from Island Center Station.

1987 Graduated from Kobe University, School of Medicine
Diploma of Medical Doctor
1987- Enrolled in post-graduate training program of Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kobe University Hospital
1990-1992 Fellow of Joint Disease Lab, Shriners Hospital affiliated to McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Visiting fellow of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Montreal, Canada
Doctor of Philosophy (Graduate School of Kobe University)
1993-2000 Department of Orthopedic Surgery, National Hospital of Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture
2001 Chief Surgeon of Kakogawa Hospital of Konan Hospital Group
2007 Vice Director of Center for Rheumatic Diseases, Kakogawa Hospital
2009 Director of Abe Orthopedics & Rheumatology Clinic


Certification of EIKEN (Practical English Proficiency)Test Highest Grade Level (1985-)
Certification of Medical Doctor (Government of Japan) (1987-)
Board of Certification for Orthopedic Surgery (Japan Orthopedic Surgery Association) ( 1995-)
Board of Certification for Rheumatology (Japan Rheumatic Association) ( 1995-)
Board of Certification for Educating Physician (Japan Rheumatic Association) (2005-)
Authorized Member of Kobe City Medical Association, Higashinada Ward Medical Association (2009-)
Certification of Sports Doctor (Japanese Association for Physical Education) (2009-)
Member of Japanese Rehabilitation Medicine (2006-)
Member of German-Japanese Orthopedic Association (2006-)
Certification of Attending Doctor to Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery Learning Center (Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA) (2007)